Nayanthara’s Aramm – A genuine drama


Nayanthara’s Aramm is all set to release on Nov 10 worldwide. Already the trailer has received an overwhelming response .

Movie looks like a genuine drama highlighting the flaws in the system without taking sides. Director Gopi Nainar said that “what we see in the trailer is not what the film is all about! So what is Aramm all about? It is not a film on water scarcity or a middle-of-the-road film with a social message.

The makers promise that it is an edge-of-the-seat entertaining thriller with mass moments, a chilling interval block and a climax that will make you think. What you see in the trailer is just a part of the film and the crux of the content will be revealed only in theaters on November 10”.

Lady superstar Nayanthara has given a powerful performance and is apt for the role as a district collector. Producer Kotapadi J Rajesh of KJR Studios is confident that Aramm is sure to take a fabulous opening as it is releasing in more number of screens all over Tamilnadu. So, Nayan is once again ready to do justice for the Lady SuperStar title.


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