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Mersal Movie Review


#Mersal is a film that is made when when #Atlee tried to become like #Murugadoss ( Tried social issues in a commercial style ?) A pure commercial film with a concerned over social issues that is in need at this time As u all know Vijay did a triple role in this, all the three characters will be loved by all… Vijay is looking soo elegant in this this! From his body shape to the charm in his face ❤ He stole the show for us

Next before speaking about the heroine I wanna say about comedy king #Vadivel… This one really is a comeback for u..
Atlee really used you well in this film.. Everyone liked all the dialogues (Atlee and Vijayendra Prasad nailed it in this part) and dialogue delivery ❤ from all the characters Samantha did a super role as a journalist where as Kajal did okish one!(many repeated scene are included when these both heroine are used..

Which was intentional but could have bee. Avoided) But Nithya Menan is the one I liked more❤ and surely everyone who watches it will have the feel… The feel was felt with Samantha in the first half thou.. And with Nithya in the second half  the chemistry between #Iceuu and #Thalapathy❤ go and watch for this pair ❤

SJSurya.. speakin about his he did a great role in this film  A pure form of villainism is seen from him… but SPYder had more impact in the film with his acting ?? Sathyaraj hasn’t been used well in the film.. he was just used as a someone who is the film.. if used well he would have given a life Time performance in this..to be sure.. Kovai Sarala Sathyan Yogi Babu made some cracks around.. which worked well in the film.

A sure commercial film ? If went to watch with our family surely everyone one will enjoy it It’s a treat for the fans too for sure Due to a Little lag and a lengthy screenplay some might think a little low in this film.. at some parts.. Next the Backend Hero’s are #ARR and #Gkvishnu ?❤??❤??❤? Cinematography style used in every songs are top notch

In this Atlee proving he is the student of Shankar sir..
The debutante #GKVishnu will reach soo much heights after this work.. Children’s will love the magician Vijay..
The playful #DRVijay el be loved by family and youngsters?❤?
Overall everyone will like it

Review By – K S Joshua